MXJO 21700 4000mAh 20A Battery Review

MXJO 21700 4000mAh 20A Battery

MXJO 21700 Battery: Unveiling Performance and Safety

The evaluations provided below offer an insight into the estimated ratings for MXJO 21700 batteries during meticulous testing. It is imperative to note that any battery pack not originating from reputable brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, or Sanyo may exhibit unpredictable fluctuations. This highlights the inherent risk associated with utilizing "rewrapped" batteries from alternative manufacturers, emphasizing the necessity for thorough research before purchasing any battery.

The improper handling or misuse of lithium-ion batteries poses a significant threat to personal safety and property. These batteries are strictly intended for use within protected battery packs, and exceeding their current rating should be strictly avoided. It is crucial to ensure the integrity of the plastic wrap and top insulating ring at all times.

Conducting tests on batteries such as the MXJO 21700 at their limits carries inherent hazards. Such endeavors should only be undertaken by individuals well-versed in the associated risks, equipped with appropriate safety gear, and having taken all necessary precautions.

In cases where the MXJO 21700 battery displays a singular current rating or mentions only "max," it should be assumed that this rating applies to all forms of discharge, including continuous usage.

MXJO 21700 4000mAh Performance Analysis

The MXJO 21700 4000mAh cell, accurately rated for high capacity, demonstrates performance levels of approximately 10A-15A/30W-45W. However, for higher power demands, the Golisi S35 3750mAh or Efest 3500Ah may offer superior performance due to their lower internal resistance. Notably, this battery is identical to the one utilized in the overrated Basen 30A 4000mAh 21700 battery.

While the continuous rating is clearly indicated on the battery wrap, the inclusion of a "max pulse" rating, akin to the MXJO 18650 3000mAh, adds little practical value. Despite this drawback, the battery maintains accurate ratings otherwise. In testing, two MXJO 21700 batteries exceeded their 4000mAh rating, delivering capacities of 4125mAh and 4243mAh at 0.5A until reaching 2.5V. While this phenomenon is common among reputable brands, it is less frequently observed in others.

It is commendable that MXJO adheres to a minimum capacity rating principle, wherein the rating is set lower than the lowest capacity delivered by any battery within the group. The MXJO 21700 battery boasts ratings of 20A and 4000mAh.

Performance Specifications of MXJO Imr 21700 Batteries

  • DC Internal Resistance: Average of 22.0mOhms for two batteries.
  • Total energy delivered down to 3.2V at 10A continuous: Average of 11.6Wh.
  • Total energy delivered down to 3.2V at 20A continuous: Average of 6.7Wh.

MXJO 21700 Battery: Empowering Your Vaping Experience

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