IC6000 iJoy Disposable Vape Review

IC6000 iJoy Disposable Vape Review

The iJoy disposable vape review explores the design, performance, flavor, and risks. If you want a convenient and satisfying alternative to smoking cigarettes, check out the IC6000 iJoy disposable vape. The iJoy disposable vape offers 6000 puffs, 15mL e-liquid capacity, 600mAh battery, and a 1.1-ohm mesh coil. Along with three nicotine strength options: 50mg, 20mg, and 0mg, the iJoy disposable vape has fifteen unique flavors. The most popular flavors are banana ice, blueberry lemon, cola, grape, and peach. Reading the iJoy disposable vape review, you will better understand whether IC6000 is suitable.

iJoy IC600 Features

  • iJoy IC6000 contains 15mL e-liquid and with 1.1-ohm coil produces 6000 puffs.
  • iJoy IC6000 battery holds a capacity of 600mAh and recharges via a Type-C port.  
  • iJoy IC6000 has a comfortable silicon mouthpiece, a classic style, and a lanyard attachment.
  • iJoy IC6000 delivers a smooth vapor production, throat hit, and satisfying vaping experience.

iJoy disposable vape

iJoy Vape Disposable Benefits

The iJoy Vape Disposable offers many advantages over devices like the iJoy IC8000, the Hyde Edge, and the Air Bar Lux. This innovative product distinguishes itself from traditional cigarettes and other vaping devices, boasting several benefits, making it a convenient, satisfying, and health-conscious choice.

  • Convenience at Its Core: Emphasizing ease of use, the iJoy Vape Disposable requires no maintenance, refilling, or replacement. Charging is only necessary when the battery is low, and disposal is simple when the e-liquid depletes. Its lightweight, compact, and discreet design enables on-the-go vaping without the concerns of ash, odor, or fire hazards.
  • Affordability and Savings: The iJoy Vape Disposable is user-friendly and wallet-friendly. At $9.99, equivalent to two packs of cigarettes or four packs, it presents a cost-effective alternative to traditional smoking or other vaping devices. Bulk purchases or online orders may also offer discounts, enhancing affordability.
  • High-Performance Design: Delivering a superior vaping experience, the iJoy Vape Disposable features a mesh coil for dense, flavorful vapor. Its substantial e-liquid capacity provides approximately 6000 puffs, and the rechargeable battery extends usage. The device's display screen informs users about battery levels, puff counts, and voltage, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Safety Features: The iJoy Vape Disposable prioritizes safety by excluding harmful substances like tar, carbon monoxide, and tobacco smoke carcinogens. Its leak-proof design prevents e-liquid spillage, and a child-proof lock prevents accidental activation or ingestion, safeguarding both users and those around them.

iJoy Disposable Vape Design

The iJoy disposable vape has a classic and stylish appearance, which appeals to both men and women. The iJoy disposable vape has a comfortable silicon mouthpiece that is soft and smooth on your lips. It also has a lanyard attachment, which allows you to hang it around your neck or wrist. The device has no buttons or settings, so you must inhale to activate it. The iJoy disposable vape has a simple and elegant design, a cylindrical shape, and a plastic body. It is about 12cm long and 2cm wide and weighs approximately 50g. It is easy to hold and use and fits nicely in your pocket or purse.

iJoy IC6000 Performance

The iJoy IC6000 vape is robust, with a 600mAh battery, a 15mL e-liquid capacity, and a 1.1-ohm mesh coil. The mesh coil is made of high-quality material and can produce a smooth and flavorful vapor. The e-liquid capacity is also large and can provide a consistent and satisfying vaping experience. The device also has a small LED light at the bottom, which indicates the battery level and the activation. The device lasts about 6000 puffs, equivalent to approximately two packs of cigarettes. 

iJoy Vape Nicotine Level

The iJoy Bar IC6000 also has three nicotine strength options: 5%, 3%, and 0%. The nicotine strength affects the intensity and the throat hit of the device. The 5% option is the strongest, and it is ideal for heavy smokers who want a robust nicotine hit. The 3% option is the medium, and it's perfect for moderate smokers who wish to have a balanced nicotine hit and ideal for light smokers who want a mild nicotine hit. The nicotine-free 0% option is ideally matched for those who are aiming to quit smoking.

iJoy Vape Flavors

The iJoy Vape flavors are rich and authentic and do not taste artificial or chemical. The flavors are well-balanced and do not overpower or mute each other. The iJoy 8000 flavors are suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers. The iJoy vape flavors are:

  1. Banana Ice: A sweet and creamy blend of ripe bananas and icy menthol.
  2. Blueberry Lemon: A refreshing and tangy mix of juicy blueberries and zesty lemons.
  3. Cola: A classic and fizzy flavor of cola soda.
  4. Grape: A delicious and fruity flavor of fresh grapes.
  5. Peach: A succulent and juicy flavor of ripe peaches.
  6. Strawberry: A sweet and tasty flavor of fresh strawberries.
  7. Watermelon: A crisp and refreshing flavor of watermelon slices.
  8. Blue Razz: A sour and sweet flavor of blue raspberries.
  9. Cool Mint: A cool and minty flavor of spearmint leaves.
  10. Lush Ice: An excellent and fruity flavor of watermelon and menthol.
  11. Mango: A tropical and exotic flavor of ripe mangoes.
  12. Pineapple: A sweet and tangy flavor of pineapple chunks.
  13. Pink Lemonade: A sweet and sour flavor of lemonade and berries.
  14. Pomegranate: A rich and tart flavor of pomegranate seeds.
  15. Strawberry Banana: A smooth and creamy flavor of strawberries and bananas.


How do I turn the device on and off?

Battery life may vary depending on usage intensity, but overall, it provides long-lasting operation.

What should I do if the device is not working?

If the device is not working, the issue may be related to a short circuit, incorrect resistance, or board damage. Try cleaning the 510 connector, check if the screws on the tank are properly installed, and ensure that the power is set according to the recommended values for your coil.

What should I do if the device cannot properly detect resistance?

If the device cannot properly detect resistance, the screws may not be tightened. Try unscrewing the tank, press the activation button, and then reinstall the tank.

What should I do if the voltage does not change during vaping?

If the voltage does not change during vaping, the board may be damaged.