SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit Review

SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit

In the world of vaping, where new devices emerge every day, the SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit stands out with its combination of style and functionality. This kit, which has become a real favorite among vaping enthusiasts, offers not only aesthetic pleasure but also powerful features expected from a product by the SMOK brand. In this review, we'll delve into the details to find out if the Stick Prince earns its royal status among vape pens.


  • Powerful Battery: 3000mAh for extended usage time.
  • Enhanced Airflow System: Provides smooth vaping and improved flavor.
  • Patented Top-Fill System: Convenient usage and leak minimization.
  • Large Tank Capacity: 8ml TFV12 Prince tank reduces the frequency of refills.
  • Extended Usage Time: Ability to enjoy vaping throughout the day without frequent recharging.
  • Aesthetic Design: Sleek form and glossy finish for an attractive appearance.
  • Portability: Easily fits in pocket or purse, perfect for on-the-go use.

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Advantages of SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit

The advantages of the SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit lie in its versatility and high-quality performance. This kit offers users not only durability and reliability but also an exceptional vaping experience due to advanced technologies. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Extended Battery Life: With a powerful 3000mAh battery, users can enjoy vaping for extended periods without the need for recharging.
  • Large Tank Capacity: The 8ml TFV12 Prince tank allows for less frequent refills and more time spent vaping.
  • User-Friendly: The patented top-fill system and enhanced airflow system provide ease of use and stable vaping.
  • Portability and Style: Compact dimensions and stylish design make the Stick Prince an ideal choice for vaping on the go.
  • Brand Reliability: SMOK is known for its quality products, and the Stick Prince is no exception, offering high-quality assembly and materials.
  • Purchase Bonus: When purchasing the SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit, you also receive additional bonuses such as free GTX coils when purchasing the Vaporesso LUXE XR Max.

Disadvantages of SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit

Despite the numerous advantages, the SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit does have some drawbacks to consider before purchasing:

  • Limited settings: Unlike more advanced models, the Stick Prince does not offer advanced settings for power or temperature control.
  • Standard design: While the device's design is stylish, it may appear too basic for those seeking something more individualized.
  • Not for cloud chasing: For enthusiasts of large vapor production (cloud chasing), the power may not be sufficient.
  • Charging time: Despite its long battery life, a full battery charge may take several hours.
  • Element replacement: In the case of coil wear or other elements, replacement is required, which may be inconvenient for some users.

SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit Design

The design of the SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit features stylish aesthetics and functionality. Its smooth body with rounded edges is not only pleasant to the touch but also ensures ease of use. Thanks to its compact size, it fits comfortably in the hand and pocket, making it an ideal companion on the go. The choice of colors and materials emphasizes the premium nature of the device, and the integrated LED indicator is not only informative but also adds sophistication to the overall look. Overall, the design of the SMOK Stick Prince underscores its high quality and innovative approach to vaping.

SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit Performance

The performance of the SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit stands out among other devices due to its power and reliability. With a 3000mAh battery, it provides long-lasting operation, allowing users to enjoy dense and flavorful vapor. The TFV12 Prince tank, with its capacity and enhanced airflow system, contributes to producing a large amount of vapor with excellent taste. Thanks to its patented filling system, the Stick Prince also minimizes leaks and ensures ease of use. The performance of this vape pen guarantees a satisfying vaping experience for both beginners and experienced users.

Alternative Options to SMOK Stick Prince Vape Pen Kit

  • Vape Pen Plus: Has a smaller liquid capacity but can be used with various tanks and coils that withstand a minimum of 4V power.
  • SMOK AIO Stick: Offers many features and provides improved airflow control and a larger tank capacity.
  • Vaporesso LUXE XR Max: Offers the opportunity to receive GTX Coils for free with purchase.
  • SMOK ACRO Kit, SMOK Solus 2 Kit, SMOK Nfix Pod System Kit 25w, and SMOK Priv N19 30W Kit: These are various kits from SMOK that can also be considered as alternative options.


How long does the battery charge last?

The 3000mAh battery provides long-lasting operation, allowing the device to be used throughout the day without additional recharging.

How capacious is the liquid tank?

The TFV12 Prince tank has an 8ml capacity, making it one of the largest capacities among portable devices.

Is it easy to refill the device?

Thanks to the patented top-fill system, refilling the device is quick and leak-free.

Can the airflow be adjusted?

The enhanced airflow system allows for adjusting the airflow to achieve the desired density and flavor of vapor.