Imren 18650 3500mah Batteries Review

imren 3500mAh 30A

The evaluations below indicate the APPROXIMATE ratings assigned to these batteries at the testing time. Any battery that is not an authentic Samsung, Sony, Murata, LG, Panasonic, Molicel, or Sanyo product has the potential to change at any given moment! This is one of the risks associated with using "rewrapped" batteries from other manufacturers. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly research any battery you are considering before making a purchase.

Improper Handling

Improper handling or misusing lithium-ion batteries can present a SIGNIFICANT DANGER to personal well-being and property. Like other Imren batteries, these batteries should only be utilized within physically and electrically protected battery packs. Staying within the battery's current rating and ensuring the plastic wrap and top insulating ring remain flawless is essential. The use of any of these batteries is ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Conducting tests on batteries under extreme conditions is hazardous and should NEVER be attempted by individuals who have not extensively studied the associated risks, comprehended the dangers involved, possessed the appropriate equipment, and taken all necessary safety precautions.

Imren 18650 Yellow

If the battery only displays a single current rating figure or solely mentions "max," it must be assumed that it is rated at that current level for all discharges, including continuous release.

Imren 18650 3500mah 15/30A batteries | 2-PackImren 18650 3500mah 15/30A batteries | 2-PackImren 18650 3500mah 15/30A batteries | 2-Pack

Test Results

There should be legal consequences for rating this cell at a "max continuous" of 15A and using a higher "30A" rating on the wrapping to attract attention and encourage people to purchase this inferior product. The 30A rating is irrelevant to its performance and was not established through testing. It was arbitrarily set to compete with other grossly overrated cells being sold.

Imren Imr 18650 Battery

This Imren 3500mAh 30A battery appears to be a rebranded version of the LG MJ1, a cell with a rated discharge of 10A and a capacity of 3400mAh (minimum)/3500mAh (typical), like the Kdest 18650 3500mAh. When discharged at 15A, this Imren battery becomes excessively hot, almost reaching the boiling point of water. At its 30A rating, its voltage instantaneously drops below 3.1V. If allowed to discharge to 2.8V, it only delivers a mere 15mAh.

Imren's website and Alibaba page promote this battery as a 30A-rated product, but it could be more effective even at much lower currents.

This cell is perilously overrated and should only be employed in applications requiring approximately 5A-7A (equivalent to 15W-20W).

Among the four cells I tested, their capacities ranged from 3090mAh to 3548mAh. Three of them matched Imren's 3500mAh rating, but one fell short. This particular cell may be of lower quality, like Imren 18650 3000mAh. Since the tested cell cannot represent the most insufficient capacity among the cells sold by Imren, I rate this Imren battery at 3000mAh.

Imren has little regard for the performance of this battery cell. They certainly do not prioritize our safety. Their primary focus is solely on extracting money from us. Why should we support a company with such values? Why should we purchase anything from a company with this perspective toward its customers?