What Is The Difference Between Vaping And Smoking Cigarettes

Vaping vs Danking

Our mainstream United States media, along with some radical officials from the public, are simply looking for some vendetta over the whole vaping industry. They call vaping equal to e-cigarettes with THC oil, and it makes new laws because people simply get back to much more danger of smoking than visiting vape shops that are out of business now. CDC gave the public entirely wrong warnings, making the whole hysteria possible. Sure, the black market has this dangerous hemp cartridge. 
Vaping has suffered a lot in its image. THC cartridges played a very negative role in all those things, like big tobacco companies, various anti-vaping lobbies, and so on. They simply profited from the tragedy, which rarely happens. Every lawyer nationwide probably took part in that opportunity to ban certain flavors or overall vaping products. At the same time, probably every tobacco product was just selling as usual. Around half a million Americans are dying from tobacco each year, and such irony is happening with vaping.
Much more research should be done to prevent such cases like that. People simply do not understand what they are dealing with. They associate vaping with smoking oil; people are not getting the correct information. Everyone added vaping – media, politics, and public figures are doing so much damage that much can't be undone. But no matter what, we must work hard to inform Americans about the real threats of smoking and vaping. That's why we invented the term "danking" with illegal THC cartridges. So, what is the difference between a vaporizer vs cigarette?

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Tragedy linked to THC cartridges from the black market

In September 2019, news company NBC made the story of fungicides in that THC thing then transforming while burning to hydrogen cyanide. Those cartridges were already tested, I mean their liquid, and it was found toxic. For sure, NBC made the story of what happens with some person when he is using something like oil cartridges. That fungicides convert to toxins, OK. Official figures failed to understand the difference between vaping and danking; danking equals, in simple words – smoking oil. We say smoking here because you may know that oil does not vaporize, correct? It burns. And when you burn some substance like oil, you get toxic products as a result; ask your mom/wife about her kitchen jo.

When tests were done, something like 100% THC cartridges with oil from the black market produced that hydrogen cyanide while burning. Interesting fact that legal dispensary oil does not show any signs of that chemical. This proves it's the product of the street's black market anyway.

Danking in details

Let's make it very clear first. It's smoking illegal THC oil. Some people call that process mistakenly "vaping." It's incorrect, and as we already said, THC oil does not vaporize at all anyway. You can only combust it, and that's it. And you will get only smoke in the end. That people make Danking some form or way of "vaping." Media can make anything out of nothing; it's like calling a whale– an elephant. And I am not hyperbolizing.

Oil cartridges use combustion by electronic ignition. It's a similar process, dripping that oil into the electric part of the stove or using some ring like a "nail." Once you heat it to the vast point, when it starts smoking, you will get only smoke in return. So, no vapor in return.

Heating oil will not make vapor.

Just a few years ago, some health experts were alarmed about using olive oil for kitchen cooking and above certain temperatures. It's because each type of oil has something like a "smoke point." Oils high in saturated fats can produce nasty toxins once such a point is reached. That oil smoking point is like a boiling point for e-juices that can be vapored, such as PG, VG, and water here. The temperature is high enough that the smoke point is reached, and fine smoke is going on, but despising it looks– it's not vapors.
That oil smoke, for sure, does have fats and toxins that were burned. The name "danking" is associated with an illness that gives you lung symptoms like lipoid pneumonia. It's a type where fats and lipids cross the bronchial tree directly into your lungs.

Illegal THC cartridges from the black market

So, we already know that heating the oil to some point where it starts smoking doesn't call vaping. Many people regularly use oil pens without basically any issues of such. There are good quality oil pens with legal cannabis sold by some legal dispensaries, and it is considered a good way of consuming medical cannabis. For such things, you may use dry herb vaporizers. In the case of oil, it needs to be from a very quality manufacturer, a licensed one, which has passed all oils procedures and such.

The terrifying part of the above is that no more than a quarter of the cannabis market is somewhat legal. Which assumes bulk amounts of products are not always being done correctly. And that bad black-market THC things are filling the streets. Somebody got arrested for having seven thousand cartridges, each with a perfect professional look and packaging.

How do those things make for danking?

By the way, there are tons of that dangerous information everywhere anyway. No average person should make such cartridges without any chemical degree, proper lab equipment, and so on, like filters. Illegal THC oil is produced in backyards and kitchens without adequate filtration. Not to mention all other things like additives and filler agents anyway.

To make it short, it's done by loading PVC pipe with that good old cannabis. They were then running lighter fluid, butane, through that. The stove top evaporates with butane, and what we left with is the basis for THC oil. Then black dealers add some additive and dirty oil and put it all in a cheap, under $1 cartridge they bought from China. Then they compile it all in a bow so everyone who is their customer will think it's a commercially safe product, and so on.

How do we differentiate legit cartridges from black-market THC oil?

First, it's challenging to differentiate professionally packaged black market products from good and legit ones with licenses and corresponding regulations. Black market operators, for sure, do know how to make it all fine, and that's right. All those fake certifications, logos, and shrink-wrapped fakes look safe for the average client. But they are not, and fungicides contained in them are not filtered out and will indeed be converted to toxins when burning starts. As well as additives of vitamin E.

There is no safe way to tell if it is a good or lousy cartridge with THC oil you are buying now, so the best bet would probably be to purchase it from all licensed dispensaries of cannabis. 

Never buy from some street underground vendors anyway. All legit, professionally made oil things should prominently display certain information like:

  1. Packaging date
  2. Manufacturing date
  3. Lot number
  4. Batch number

Also, you should look for QR codes and be ready to contact the manufacturer immediately to verify their legitimacy anyway. All these seem very time-consuming, but prudent measures are essential to prevent all bad things and not discover criteria for hospice. Once you identify that everything is fine, you will be set here for future purchases.

Not every dispensary is licensed. But, if they do, they need by the law to display their license number, for that matter, anyway. So, you must check it on Google and offline to ensure it's legit and accurate.

Finally, let's define vaping!

It's a vaporizing e-liquid process using a vaporizer/electronic cigarette. That e-juice consists of nicotine, flavors, PG, and VG. When you vape, there is no burning going on. There is a ton of information on Google comparing those two processes. An excellent electronic cigarette from a legit company vaporizes e-juice as the end product of the process. So, the result for sure is not smoke! Oil burns and liquid evaporates. Vaping is not danking and vice versa.
Vaping is not safe 100%. Nobody says that. If you do not smoke, do not start vaping! 
And for sure, danking and vaping again are different things. Media and officials probably use people's lack of knowledge and want to make stories to sell themselves further. If you have the ability – share that article! You can also read our previous blog, How To Use Lookah Q8

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