iMini V2 Pro Vape Battery Review

iMini V2

The iMini V2 is a classic vape mod for 510 carts in the industry, which can ensure the user can use it discreetly without the fear of drawing attention. Despite its compact design, this vape promises advanced vapor production with unmatched consistency. Moreover, it is known that the iMini V2 is designed to operate with any oil cartridge to enable the user to try out various blends according to their tastes and preferences. Additionally, the iMini V2 possesses many exciting and beneficial features, which will be mentioned and explained below.

iMini V2

All About The Appearance

The iMini V2 battery boasts a see-through design that allows everyone to see the liquid's level easily at any time. It is simple to operate as it has a one-button control function that provides access to all its features and functions. The iMini V2 vaporizer has a beneficial exterior construction consisting of high-quality rubber to protect it from bumps. Moreover, it makes the iMini V2 vape mod slip-resistant for optimal grip and control. Also, the iMini V2 has a blue LED light on the fire button to indicate when the vaping device is locked. By utilizing the same button, the user can press it five times for straightforward locking and unlocking of the device. This unit is designed to pause the flash and heat every 10 seconds to prevent overheating. Notably, it is feature-packed. The iMini V2 vaporizer, the same as the Vision Spinner, possesses a variable voltage setting that comes with it. All locations are accessible through a single button to provide ease and convenience. Once powered on, clicking the button at different times is only needed to switch between the four voltage settings.

Variable Voltage - More Details

The voltage settings of the iMini V2 electronic cigarette include 2.8, 3.2, 3.7, and 4.2 volts. The adjustable voltage settings are color-coded, so the user will never mistake one for the other. The lowest setting is indicated by a green, blue, yellow, and red light, respectively. Furthermore, the lowest voltage setting, 2.8v, is the best option, marked by the green light. This is because it has an excellent flavor profile. However, anyone can vape oil according to their taste and preferences.


Even for such an easy-to-utilize device, some pieces of advice are needed. Do not let the iMini V2 vaporizer under direct sunlight for an extended period. Moreover, do not charge it on a wet surface, as this is dangerous. Keeping the iMini V2 out of the reach of children and pets is recommended. Additionally, do not overcharge the device or let it discharge completely. Another essential piece of advice is to charge it before the first utilization time.


In summary, the iMini V2 is the best vape battery option for anyone, even for a novice. The list of benefits and exciting features that it possesses really make it stand out from other devices. Moreover, even in cases like this, reading an instruction guide before utilizing it for the first time is highly recommended. By the way, don't forget to read our previous article GYPSYVAPES Electronic Cigarettes Store